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First - I have enjoyed all your shows and have several of your cook books (beer can chicken is a classic). Second - What are some of the most unusual types of wood that you have used to smoke something that made you stop and say - this went way beyond my expectations? Also, what is the food product that you have smoked that made you say never again.


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Thanks for the excellent question. 

I'm afraid I'm a traditionalist when it comes to smoking.    My preferred woods are oak, hickory (pecan), apple, and cherry--the latter for seafood.   Florida buttonwood (when you can get it) is good for seafood
I can't say that I have found an exotic wood (and I've tried everything from lemon and orange to corncobs and walnut shells) that is dramatically better than the above.

In terms of foods I'm not particularly keen on smoking, first and foremost is boneless, skinless chicken breast.    It comes out rubbery.    Much prefer to direct grill it with wood chips.
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