Wood Grilled Spice Rubbed Pork Loin with Wild Rice Apple Hash

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4 ea. 7-8oz Portions of Boneless Pork Loin

Spice Rub:
1/4 T Oregano
1/4 T Thyme
1 1/2 T Curry {1 T is for the puree and 1/2 is for the rub}
1/2 T coriander
2 T Cumin
1 T Allspice
1/2 T Garlic powder
1/4 T Cayenne
1 T Black pepper
1 T Sugar

1 cup Canola oil
1 cup Wild rice {raw}
3 whole shallots {minced}
4 ea. Thyme sprigs
1/2 cup Pecans {toasted}
2 each #70 Idaho Potato {1/4 " dice}
6 ea. Apples {1/4 " dice two apples, reserve the others for the puree}
1 box Kosher salt
1 # Butter (unsalted)



Spice Rub

For the spice rub, grind all of the spices into a powder and combine together.
Dust all of the portions of pork with the spice rub but do not have it so it cakes the loin just dust them.
Place them on a plate, cover with plastic wrap and let sit for one day in your refrigerator. You may cook the pork right after dusting them but for a better flavor let them sit for one day.
Apple Puree

For the apple puree take four of the apples and skin and core them.
Place them in a pot with 1 T of the curry powder and 1 T of kosher salt cover with water.
Bring this to a boil and cook until tender.
Remove the apples from the water and mash with the back of a fork or in a food processor until puree.
Wild Rice Apple Hash

The has is similar to a home fry you would get for breakfast with some changes.
To start with cover your wild rice with water about three inches from the top of the rice.
Bring this to a boil and let cook until the rice sort of pops like popcorn. Strain and reserve for later.
While your rice is cooking you can sweat your minced shallot and fresh thyme together in 1 T of whole unsalted butter until translucent. Remove from the heat and reserve.
Take two of the apples and skin and core them. Then dice them into 1/4" squares.
In a medium size sauté pan on high heat make a caramel of 1t of canola oil and 1T of granulated sugar.
When the caramel is a dark golden brown and before it burns, carefully add the diced apples and cook for about one minute. Remove from the pan and reserve.

To cook the pork season each side with kosher slat, lightly oil and place on the grill.
Cook for roughly eight minutes being careful not to burn, turn and flip the pork every minute or so.
When cooked to the desired temperature, remove from the grill and let rest for four minutes.
While your pork is resting you can finish your hash. In a medium sauté pan on high heat put 1 oz. of canola oil in the pan when it just starts to smoke add your dry diced potato. You need the sauté pan this hot so the potato will not stick to the pan.
When the potatoes are a golden brown add the rice, shallot mixture, apples, 1 T unsalted butter, and some salt &amp pepper to taste. Cook until hot and remove from the heat.
On four plates place some of the apple puree, then some of the hash on top of that, then the sliced pork loin and you are ready to eat.&nbsp

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