Wood-fired personal deep dish pizza

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Hi guys, 

Currently working at a place with a wood fired pizza oven that we keep at about 700 degrees. We mainly do medium sized pizzas, about 12-14 inches diameter, and also a few wood fired appetizers. What I would really love to do is be able to pull off personal sized deep dish pizzas in that oven. Any advice for pulling this off would be great. We do a bit of volume, and can sell up to 200 pizzas on a friday or saturday, to give you some idea of how the execution of such a dish would need to pan out. Does anyone know a way to efficiently and properly execute something of this nature? What kind of pan/skillet, etc would i need? Would these need to be pre made? Etc, etc. Thanks in advance!!
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It could be tough ... but you could do it. You should think of doing it in stages. 1) put in the dough, sauce and meat; cook . 2) add ingredient stuff; cook more. 3) add the cheese; and cook. @ 700* you need to stretch it well because it will burn outside before it's cooked inside. Pre-cooked sausage is a thought too. Deep-Dish, Pan and Stuffed pizzas are not just there for everyone to make/cook. Every wise-guy hot-shot cook ain'te no Pizza Maker. 

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