Wondering If I should move on to another spot

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I've been working in the pantry at this spot since March, and I'm curious If I should move to another spot. To give you some background, Its pretty much my first full-time job in the kitchen. Before I worked as an on-call line-cook doing off-site catering, banquets, or whenever there was busy night or whenever someone needed help in the pantry. Anyway the restaurant is located in a small hotel and .the staff is rather small, so everybody pretty much does all their prep for their stations. The people I work with have been great as they have a lot of experience, skills, connections, and are just fun to be around until recently.

Ever since my head-chef got a raise and took over the front of the house. I've continually found myself bored with my station as my chef removed all the cold apps and about 20% of the salads. Which pretty much leaves me with me making the deserts and there are only 4. When I started working there my responsibilities were to plate deserts and prep everything else but because of my lazy sous, I was forced to do everything which made it extremely challenging to prep for 80%  of 12-15 cold apps and then do pastries but I loved the challenge. I tried to make best of it by trying to put more focus learning other stations and trying to help out more but then my sous-chefs started make me do pastries fresh daily from start to finish.Its rather annoying as their easy but just time consuming especially on the weekends when everybody is constantly using my oven.

Anyway I manage to get myself motivated again when our restaurant got reviewed and praised a desert I helped make. Since the restaurant been busy..my station has been a lot more challenging but the people I work with suck. 2 in particular...the hot apps cook is slow and almost anytime its busy he gets really close to putting me in the weeds because i gotta wait on him. He's been there  as long as I've been and I feel like he should be light years ahead of me yet I feel hes only a step ahead of me on that station. The other is the exec sous-chef who replaced the old one. He's as lazy and less skilled.He never preps anything, he always looks like he just woke up whenever he comes into work and comes in about 30-45 mins after everybody else has. He constantly complains about what others don't do and then makes excuses to why he couldn't get it done. 2 times this week he has put me in the weeds on my station. Once because he ordered about quarter of mixed greens what was needed one night and  the other time was because he can't expedite for s***. He rarely has anything to offer me that is related to my station and until  I stopped listening to him about his whacked out ideas..He would have me do some goofy project that i had no experience or knowledge doing and then if it went wrong..he would throw me under the bus. I really would like to stay and learn from the rest of them especially from my head-chef but i just find myself wanting to go somewhere else and I don't know what I should do. I have no idea if my head-chef knows whats been going on as I rarely see her  in the kitchen. I have yet to talk to my head-chef about whats been happening and plan to when I'm back at work. But I'm wondering If these are some legit concerns and not just me being a total crybaby.
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No matter where you go, you're going to have a group of peers that display varying degrees of motivation and care.

This is human nature. 

Welcome to the world of hospitality and restaurants.

I say ignore everybody, keep your nose to the grind stone, learn as much as you can from the place, then move on.
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