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Hello Steven. I'm a huge fan of your's  I own several of your books and watch your show every weekend. I rarely cook indoors.

Last year I tried using my wok in my charcoal grill because I have an electric range. It turned out well, but the wok seemed to kind of put the coals out. I got the coals started with a chimney and made a bowl out of them for the wok to sit in. It got really hot at first, but lost heat about halfway through cooking and I had to keep moving the coals around.

Any ideas on how to keep the wok elevated just over the coals so that they don't go out? I thought about foil, but considering that you use it as a heat shield, that didn't really make sense. Does someone make a ring stand to accommodate wok cooking on the grill. So that there is contact with the coals, but not having to completely sit in them. If not, maybe you should come up with something. You are the master after all!

Thanks A Lot!
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"I rarely cook indoors"--that's what I like to hear! Someone better versed in thermal dynamics could probably tell you why the wok put the coals out, but my intuition says its solid construction starved the coals of oxygen. (Perhaps that's the reason "grill woks" are perforated.)

So what you need, in essence, is a kind of cradle that will support the wok while allowing oxygen to reach the coals. The only idea I have off the top of my head is to use the ring your wok maybe came with (some don't), or upend a metal kitchen colander, assuming its legs would stably support the wok. Am sure you're resourceful enough to come up with an unconventional stand. A sturdy metal lampshade armature, maybe? I'll let you know if I think of anything else.
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HA! I didn't even think to use the ring it came with. Guess I'll have to stop over thinking and get looking.

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Get a leaf blower, and get a variable motor (router) speed control ($20.00)

Blow at the fire at very low speed. Don't do it at high speed, you can melt the wok.



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You can just use the wok right over the lit charcoal chimney as well. plenty of heat there for some intense wok cooking.
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