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So I'm gonna have to cook on professional woks in the near future.  It's much heavier than a saute pan (and faster too), and I've seen some cooks use the side of the (circular) stove to help them toss the wok without over-exerting their wrist.  

I've still got the learn the correct "moves".  For those of you with loads of work experience, any tips would be much appreciated.
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Grab the handle facing you with 2 hands and jerk like you do frying pan for eggs. Since wok is never filled high you wont spill anything. I hope your Chinese  wok stove has a water inlet swing faucet. Always when finished cooking and washing rub with oil so it does not rust . It is made of black steel. 


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The pros use the ladle and the pan together, at least in the videos I've seen.

Lots of videos on this link, but look specifically at the Wok in Street of Phnom Penh. Watch the guy toss the noodles and work the wok with the ladle. I haven't figured it out yet either but the pros seem to work pretty much like this guy does.

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A wok is just a pot--carbon steel usually, but just a pot.

It's the kwali that is different--the "stove" if you will.  That sucker has over 100,000 btus, an extreme amount of fire power.

Sauteing is done with a flat -ended spoon.  And really it IS sauteing:  Smoking hot oil, small pieces,constant movement of the product= sauting.

Most kwalis come with wash down deck--that is, you can tip a wok full of dirty water over the side (where it goes through a trough and into the grease trap), pour in more water, scrub out with a bamboo brush, and you're back in business again.

Each dish has it's own technique, and dishes for larger groups have different techniques. 

It's fun--and wicked fast..............
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make sure your wok is very hot (right before the oil starts to smoke) before you start to cook anything in it. have all of your ingredients ready to throw in when needed and learn to control your flame! if the wok starts smoking and you are new to cooking in a wok you will burn your food and everything will be bitter. if you try to pick up the wok and flip it like a saute pan every 10 second your will break your wrist by then end of the shift; learn to slide it back and up the side of the circular rim, but not too far that all the heat escapes.  always pay attention to how much oil you are using to cook each dish, as just the smallest amount over can make for a very oily dish.

the wok takes a lot of practice. be patient, and again, learn to control your flame..
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