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    I have been wanting to do more Asian style cooking, I used to have a steel wok and ring but the wok has disappeared after 4 or 5 moves. My gas stove wouldn't work very well with a Wok ring due to the grates are double grate for front and back burner. I have noticed on a number of cooking shows, frequently when cooking Asian stir fry dishes they are using a portable induction burner and a flat bottom wok.

    Is this combination adequate for cooking Asian stir fry dishes? Will the induction burner achieve the high heat necessary for most Asian stir fry?
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    An induction burner will give you more heat into the wok than a standard home stove and well rated burners can be had quite reasonably. 

      won Cook's Illustrated testing a year or so back. I own the pro version. More money, more bulk, but not any more powerful.

    They cook quite nicely with a flat bottom wok. Boil water very quickly to. Quite handy. You still have to manage batch size as it doesn't compare to really high output wok burners.

    I much prefer a round bottom wok and so I picked up the least expensive induction wok burner.   I've been pretty happy with it.

    I'd like still more power.

    I've talked about what I own in a bit more detail