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Hello there! I am currently the kitchen manger for a non-profit social club in a small town that is a ferry-ride away from Seattle. I kind of fell into this position and have learned a great deal as I have stumbled along. My position also comes with the responsibilities of managing the bar, too, which is not something I enjoy. So, sadly, this is my last month as manager. There was a huge outcry when I announced my pending resignation, but I just couldn't keep doing 40+hours of work a week for only 20 hours of pay that is just a little over minimum wage. Sigh. I will continue my volunteer cheffing, however, and I expect that whoever is found to replace me will have many questions, and so while having had this forum as a resource for the past few years would have been hugely beneficial, I think I'll still find many reasons to pop in and seek advice. The people on here seem to be a friendly and helpful bunch, so I look forward to maybe getting to "know" some of you better!
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Welcome to ChefTalk Sabrina we are glad you joined our community. It sounds like you had a very difficult choice to make but did the right thing. It is a very common issue I think all chefs face working many many hours and getting a low pay. Glad ChefTalk has been able to help you out.
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