Wisdom, Faith, Hope. Love

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    Dear friends.
    I 've been observing those days your discussions and my heart fills with sorrow when I read your messages. I wish I could something to make you feel better.
    According to the Greek Orthodox calendar today they celebrate the four properties of God : Wisdom (Sofia), Faith(Pisti) Hope (Elpida) and Love (Agapi).
    The priest of our neighbourhood who is a very nice and educated man set up a service this evening for the families of the victims, of the missing persons and the American people that live in my neighbourhood. He chose that day because today is a day of hope and faith.
    I have to tell you that I do not believe in God and things like that. In fact I think that if we didn't have religions maybe we wouldn't experience acts of violence in the name of God...
    Anyway maybe I'm wrong about that.
    But I went because I couldn't say no to the priest that came personally by the first moment to check if my husband who works mostly in NY is doing ok and to invite me to this ceremony although he knew very well my points of view on religion.
    I was surprised to meet in the church 200 people . 200 sad and angry faces that they were asking from God to re-fill your souls with Wisdom, Faith, Hope and Love.

    You are not alone.


    Best regards
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    Thank you Athenaeus. My feeling is that no matter what our religious or spiritual beliefs, we are all looking for something to re-fill our souls at this time. It means so much to know that people around the world share in our sorrow. Know that we also share the sorrow of the world, who lost people in this tragedy also.