Winter Gardens, Fishing / Hunting, and Foraging (photo thread)

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I am ashamed at the moment not to have any of the aforementioned to post myself. I have radishes, spinach, carrots, and cauliflower growing but they seem to be growing very slowly. I may head over to the coast soon to dig for clams, if so I can post up some photos of that!

In the meantime, does anyone have shots of their winter garden or produce from such, or shots of game, fish, or shellfish taken this season? Also one of the members posted tons of mushrooms from California last summer, would love to see any foraged food items, I think I may go gather hickory nuts that grow nearby, but they are a bear to get into.
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Here are a few shots from my last duck hunt.

Sunset over Catahoula Lake.

Just a few short of three limits.

During the split, we took this picture while doing some repair to one of our blinds.

Sorry if these aren't really food related. FWIW, the ducks made a fantastic stew.
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Nice job, that's food related and right in line with what I was thinking of. Since I started this, I feel compelled to at least upload something, apparently my radishes were ready and I didn't even know it. I guess they don't get very big on the top (first year I've planted them)


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