Winter garden progress so far. (Zone 9A)

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    Just thought I'd share my winter garden progress. It's been a very long road to get where I am with it now. Last spring I broke ground for the first time in a new location nearer to the house. I was hoping to share the experience with my father who taught me the love of growing food but he unfortunately passed away at the end of April. I wanted to see it through to honor his memory and I had a decent little crop going. Then the deer showed up and ate my pepper plants to the ground. I had swiss chard I planted from seed and as soon as I put them in the ground and they jumped the deer came and ate them.

    So, I embarked on building a 6 foot tall fence surrounding the entire garden. That became my multi-month long project and recently was finished. I originally placed the garden in an area I hoped would get partial shade to guard against the scorching summer heat we have in Florida, but it is working against me a little for the winter. The sun moved further behind the tree line so I feel like my garden is growing very slow as a result. Regardless, things seem to be working out, albeit at a slow pace.

    I planted some goliath snow peas from seed a while back in a container so that I can make use of the garden fence as a trellis. They are coming up and I have placed some wire to hopefully train them onto the fence:

    I had read online that you can buy scallions a.k.a. green onions/spring onions and that often they are white or yellow onions that have been thinned so they can grow into full sized onions. I cut the tops off of them to use, and they are filling in nicely now:

    My cabbage plants are doing rather well. I think in part because they don't require a lot of light. I've tried to fertilize everything more regularly than in the past. We've had so much rain though that I am afraid at times to water because the ground is pretty saturated as it is. I have kept an eye out for cabbage worms and not had any major problems. I am considering a preventative treatment of BT. That stuff really works amazingly against worms of all sorts and I like that it is organic and safe.

    So far I have the goliath snow peas, collards, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, romain lettuce, onions, and brussel sprouts. I am working on a sort of raised shelf that I am going to use for shallow planting trays to grow some mesclun lettuce mix. I am also considering planting some radishes. I have a variety that is called ice sickle that look good.

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    Looks good! 5 months away from gardening time here in MN. I may get some starter trays for the bay window in the kitchen mid April. Nothing goes into the garden until Memorial Day here in Minnesota.