Wineries in Napa?

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Hi All,
I am going to Napa Valley for the first time later this month. I would like to experience a couple of wineries, but being a complete wine rookie, am not sure which ones to select. I am not a big white wine fan, but know that there are many variations up in Napa. I can't wait to go but want to make the most of my experience there. Thank you for any suggestions,
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your choices are too numerious for this forum. Try the Stags leap district. You'll find at least 10 quality wineries like stags leap, silverado etc. Have fun and be smart on the road go on a tour or let someone else drive. If you have a couple of hours to waste the Napa Valley Wine train is fun. Alot of good wines for the tasting and the foods not bad either. Have fun.
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Mike, You will have a blast in Napa.
Like Fodigger said, the silverado trial in beautiful. Auberge de solie in set up high off the trail, Have a bottle of wine with your wife on the veranda over looking the valley. Take the tram up to silverado vineyards.

Route 29 is my favorite.
The history of napa lines the avenue. BV, Mondavi, Chandon,Hietz,Cake bread,Franciscan,Beringer,Opus,Caymus,Take a left off of 29 in oakville, and climb the oakville grade into the mayacamas mountians. Hess (great museum) Mayacamas vineyards (need a rez) Next to Beringers is the CIA, formally Christain brothers. Do check out the school and have a meal at the greystone restaurant (tell Todd Brad sent you) walk the gardens at beringers ( I studied there) Terra, mustards, bistro Jeanty, and so many other great restuarant flank 29. I will try to remember somemore things of interest.
Have a great time
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Cape Chef and Fodigger are Dead On--with a one stipulation (Forget Mustards, not worth it!).

As far as wineries go, my favorites have always been: Clos Pegase (Decent wine, great Art and just real cool lookin') ZD (good wine but too rich for my wallet) Ahhh Jeeez, just come see the grapes, they are the true myth, no magic.

NOW for food:

When in Napa: Please try Lucy's Cafe (a local's joint, quaint but very GOOD food at a decent price, Bistro style, GREAT WINE LIST-take a menu to go at least. Will post one if you need it)

Celadon (another local's joint, somewhat hard to find, but on the main street -- Napa MAIN)

Also--for a quick fix, don't be afraid of our TACO TRUCKS--I always get the carne asada tacos YUM!!! (located on Soscol)

Previous are realtively casual--but for FINE dining--take CApe's advice: Terra (in St. Helena) Bistro Jeanty (in Yountville) and of course The French Laundry (if you can get in). Auberge is OK Great view, and don't forget to check out COPIA--I think it's like twelve bucks to get in.

take care, and if you need a contact, I'm here.


ps--just e-mail me.
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Thanks alot for the heads up-- Flash, Cape Chef, and Fodigger. I will be leaving for Napa tomorrow and will report my trip when I get back, who knows maybe not coming back after hearing all the good things about Napa. I also will try Greystone and tell 'em Todd Brad sent me. Oh yea I will also give a report on the French Laundry, I've had reservations there for 2 months!
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Oh what I would give to have the pleasure of dinning at the French Laundry with you.

I can not pick up that cookbook of his without wanting to try something from it right then.

Do enjoy.

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I know this thread is pretty much dead but to anyone going to the CA wine country, if you get a chance anytime around April and May to tour Korbel vineyards, DO IT! They have the most wonderful rose gardens, and an interesting tour and tastings.
Also, Robert Mondavi just redesignd their vineyard and the tour is fantastic. They have rows of different varietals so you can see the difference in the plants, grapes and pruning styles. Its a great experience. OHHH How I miss Northern Cali!

P.S. When I was last out there I had lunch at Greystone and was disappointed. Not so much by the food (though I did feel that I was charged far more than it was worth) but by the appearance and cleanliness of the staff and kitchen. Its a beautiful place but it was a disaster while we were there. The chefs had their jackets flinging opening and dirty (Not just a days worth) and the counters were never clean.

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