Wine Pornography

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by txacoli, Aug 6, 2005.

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    This is the outline I recently received from a client for a private dinner:

    Tapas should be served with the PJ (Champagne), to be very simple and elegant. The Champange nor the food should interefer with the conversation flow.

    We should serve creative seafood app's with the Foxy White -Flavor Profile: (orange blossom and candied spice. spiced baked pears drenched in lemon sorbet, with smokey nuances with a clean crisp finish). I would like to incorporate almonds with one. I would like fresh herbs such as tarrogon, clentro ,Sage, Basil, chives or even mint and maybe a little spice. I think one of the shooters he showed me would fit beautifully. I would like to see 3, one each per person. These tapas should be bold.

    We should serve the 2003 Foxy Red flavor profile: ( cherry pie and dried cranberrys, with bright fresh raspberry and silky blueberrys balanced with smooth velvety oak and soft tannins), slightly chilled and we should be seated at this time. We would suggest that you go wild with dried herbs and some dried spices( Orgeno, Thyme) black pepper and garlic, with a pork or portobella mushroom dish.

    He want to do a sorbet with the Foxy Red, we will serve it after this course.

    The Concerto - Profile: (spicy sage tea and dried currant aromas with subtle flavors of violets and raspberries. medium leaning to light bodied with very soft tannins). The dish we serve with this wine should act as a pettle stool more so then a partner. Very clean flavors. Grilled or roaster veggies.

    The Cabernet Franc - profile: (full balanced teeming with lavender, clove and violets. Soft mouthfeel with refined tannins hinting of green tea and cashew. Smooth round texture with flavors of of rich chocolate. Elegant. I would like to have lamb chops maranated in pamogrante juice olive oil, garlic and lot's rosemary served on top of cassulet with duck confee.

    Raymond, a top cheese guy out of S.F. will pair and provide at wholesale the cheese and port. He is one of the top food people in the world and will use the basque influence, etc. [/COLOR]

    Wow....I guess English is no longer a requisite for wine marketing.....Clentro? A female sexual organ? Pettle stool......rose poop? Lamb on top of duck?

    If you are interested I will send you my menu......
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    I worked a tapas party a few years back.
    The owner was a moron.
    Nothing spanish related.
    Yet al served with california wine pairings.
    The tapas is a peice of toast or bread, set atop a glass of sherry.
    This serves a dual purpose.
    1. Keeping flies out.
    2. Serving as a place to set the fingerfoods on as you walk around to the delicasies.

    Jerk finished up with a roast sirloin and a creme' de carmel(flan he called it)