Wine In your recipe ??

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As we all now, wine is common in allot of cooking . I see some putting wine ,directly into cooking liquid . I never did it that way , I was always under the impression, that wine had to be added to a
hot pan . And be reduced buy half or more ,or the dish would taste like just that ,wine !
The recipe that I was watching was a short rib recipe , and the meat cooked in the oven for over two hours I guess you can get away with it and slowly boils for a long time ?
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You don't have to reduce unless you're trying to fortify the flavor. I boil for 30 sec. just to cook the alcohol off. The only time I add wine to a hot pan is to deglaze it.
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I suppose wine is often used as a deglazing liquid, which may be what gave you the impression that it "had" to be added to a hot pan, but that's not a hard rule — especially if you've already deglazed the pan with something else.
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No - it doesn't have to be added directly to a pan. As mike9 mike9 says, you can just 'boil it off'. I often add it to tomato sauces, to stews etc. in that way. Same goes for other types of alcohol.
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If adding wine to a liquid that already has been seasoned with herbs, etc, you really do want to boil the alcohol of first as I believe it acts as a solvent distillation otherwise and you would loose a lot of volatilizes from your seasonings. The one time I poured wine straight into such a boiling liquid I smelled a whole lot of herbs coming off.
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