Wine for Begginers any suggestions??

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What would you suggest for someone who has never had wine? or Alcohol for that matter. No not even beer or wine coolers. :eek: Yes...really.
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Try calling some of your local, larger Liquor stores and party stores, often they offer free tastings with a qualified representative of the store, distributor or the winery. Many of the liqour stores in my area have nightly or weekly wine tastings. Because no matter what the "wine experts" say the best judge on what you will like is you. Try a little of everything, then slowly your own tastes will develop and the lingo will all make sense. Remember that the people in these stores want to help you find something you like so you'll always buy it from them.
Another suggestion, get a few friends together and have everyone bring a bottle of wine. This will start great conversation and you'll learn what you like.
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Find a wine festival near you and go. You will find things you might not have chosen from the crowded shelves of a liquor or grocery store. Plus you'll have a lot of fun. Wine people love to have fun!
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My uneducated two cents say go with something like a white zinfandel. A very sweet wine.

If you want to go for a mixed drink...Sauza Hornitos and Gran Gala in a Margaritta are very nice and very smooth plus not too expensive either.

-The Psuedo Tequila expert.
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I'm with Matt. Drink as much as you can if you're not driving. Sample a bit of everything and be prepared to hurl.

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