Wine and Cheese Party

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Okay gang, I have been invited to a W & C party. There will be Americans, Canadians, Finns and who knows who else. Bearing in mind, keeping a reasonable budget and considering that I am not..gasp...a cheese expert. Have you any thoughts, pairings etc. I'm okay on the wine part, but what else would be appropriate besides a straight ahead cheese. The invite said bring your favorite wine and cheese. Can I bring a cheese dish as opposed to a piece of cheese, which is what I would prefer. Gawd help me, I don't know what to do....Chrose falls into a heap in the corner and sobs gently....:rolleyes:
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Hi Chrose,

How about taking some fresh figs and cutting them in half lenght wise, with your thumb gently press down on the flesh to create a little well. Then take some maytag blue and whip it with a little marscapone and fresh chives and chill, when chilled roll them into little balls and then roll the balls in toated ground pistachios and place it in the little well. Them make some suatern jelly and spoon a salpicon of the jelly on top.

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My brother-in-law has been talking about having a wine and cheese party for years, and we're still waiting! Lucky you! I think it would be more than appropriate to bring a cheese-based dish. CC's sounds fantastic! I just bought a French cheese book this afternoon, and among other things, it gives info. on wines that go well with each cheese. Good for wine dummies like me!:)
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Mah-scar-PONE NOT Mar-sca-pone. PLEASE.


Sauternes (pronounced saw-TURN).

In any case, your ideas were great! I love figs and think they go well with wine.

My favorite cheese is St. Andre which has all the mouthfeel of brie and twice the personality.


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If you find fresh figs, try this:

With a knife, cut the top part of the figs and put aside. Using a melon baller, empty the figs, putting the fruit into a bowl. Mash the figs with a fork and mix in a soft blue cheese. Put the mixture back into the figs, placing the top of each figs back.

Sorry my head isn’t thinking in English tonight. Hope that won’t stop you from trying the stuffed figs.
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Look for Neal's Yard cheeses.....
Sharp cheddar biscuits with a fun ham and chutney
Cambazola and wheat biscuits Carrs makes good ones throw on some Comice or bosc pears
Palmiers.....what can I say, they impress the multitudes.
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