Will sensors change the way we cook?

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    One of Siemens new cooktops have both boil sensors and frying sensors. Boiling sensors measure with IR the temperature on the side of the cookware this way getting the content temperature. Frying sensors measure the bottom of the pan.

    For example if you are frying some cuts of meat if you could have your frying pan at a specific temperature level rather then 1-12. This way when you place meat in the pan and it cools the cooktop will automatically give you more heat. And when you take them off the pan and the pan is empty for a while when you reach for the rest of the meat it will turn off so that the oil won´t burn.

    And I guess for boiling it would be even more convenient just setting the temperature to a hundred degrees also making it easy to use a lid.

    Do you guys think cooking with sensors will change the way we cook? Have any one of you tried these cooktops?


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    You can do the same with induction and set the temp of the burner or the power. Handy feature. Great for truly simmering stocks and never worry about it boiling, or frying as you noted.