Will I be okay with just taking pastry arts....please read

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I am going to get a associate degree in baking and pastry arts

then I want to start working in a resort

will I be able to live off of that?

I mean im going to save money for moving and stuff

but I really need to know if I will be able to make a decent salary

and I know it depends on where I start off


depends what you can live off of. cost of living is very high in my area and i'm looking at making something like $10 - $12 an hour to start. if you get an unpaid internship, you should be kissing chef's behind for the honor of working your butt off for no pay. not exactly the best decison if money is a factor. if you think that piece of paper will do you any good in getting a good salary out of school, then you are wrong. you will still have to work your way up. it may help you in not having to start off washing dishes, but that is about it. it doesn't depend on where you start off because it will be at the bottom.

i am doing culinary school because i love food and i want to learn all i can about it. i love to eat food, i love to cook food, i love to read about food, i love to watch shows about food... i will be making 10% of what i used to make, so obviously this isn't about the money. if you don't have a love for it, i can't see why you are doing this. if you work your way to the top, then you might make a good living, but it is hard work.
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If you "go to school" to LEARN, fantastic!

If you "go to school" to get higher pay, FORGET IT IMHO.

But then again, what do I know, I'm just old and crotchety! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif


all you are doing is racking up massive debt if you are going to a school like CIA or LCB. by the time you pay off those student loans, you will be old and crotchety, too! then again, it seems many celebrity chef's went to CIA... so who knows how big a role that played in their success.
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Ashley... you need to do way more footwork. Your goals are pretty lofty for someone with no experience. "I want to work at a resort" is all fine and dandy, but if you have no expereince, how much money do you hope to make?

School gives you the basics. Enough experience to get a foot in the door, so the Chef (pastry Chef in this case) doesn't have to teach you how to use a piping bag, or teach you the theory behind a good pie dough. But you are starting out as an apprentice... as it should be, and that means apprentice work with apprentice pay.

You want honesty? Starting out, the money sucks. The hours suck. Your social life vanishes. You want to go to a resort? Say bye to your friends and family, and hello loneliness and professional con men who make a living ripping off foreign workers.

You would be better off going to school... and then finding a decent Hotel with a large brigade to work for. You will get the widest range of experience this way... once you have some decent experience under your belt, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions and will be ableto command a higher salary.

I know of many folks who have jetted off to a "resort" to find that the job was not what they thought it was, the living accommodations sucked and they were stuck there for far longer then they wished to be. If you do choose to do this, have enough money socked away to buy your ticket home whenever you desire to.

Short answer.. starting out in this business is not enough money to live comfortably on, period. But, if it was easy, everyone would do it.
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