Will be going to Honduras this weekend for 2 weeks

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For the holidays although I know Honduras isn't really known for it's food does anyone have any recommendations?
I will be in Comayaua for 2 weeks and should be doing some light traveling (I hope)
Any recommendations on foodstuffs that I should bring back?
Breads, hots sauces, and Honduran butter ( I'm not even going to try to spell the correct name) is a couple of the things that I will definitely be bringing back any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note if anyone is interested I have two electronic books called Recetas Hondurenas and Recetas Navidenas if anyone is interested in them (They are in Spanish BTW) so if interested PM your E-Mail and I will get them out to you

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!
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    I don't have any recommendations, sorry.  But please do report back!

   Have a great time!

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