Wild Turkey (whiskey) Turkey Chili

Joined Jun 24, 2015
Hey dont be upset I dont have actual numbers and mesurements, I just really wanted to share this.

Last week I made a turkey chili and I thought it turned out pretty good. Pretty much I found about 6 pounds of turkey breast, and slow cooked it in Wild turkey bourbon. I dont know hoe much I used but it was a lot! I did this more for the pun then anything. I seasoned it with habanero poweder salt and a few other basic ingredients, nothing much though. I ended up using white and black beans, though actual chili beans may have been better? I would have to mess with it more. Then all I added was some carrots, red and yellow peppers for color, some celery and tomatoes. It was pretty simple but it cooked really nice!

Again I do not have a perfected recepie but its definitely worth trying. I work at a restaurant and brought some in. Everyone thought it turned out pretty good.

Let me know what you all think!
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