Wild Alaskan Salmon Recipe

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    A friend brought me two salmon filets (skin on) he caught on an Alaskan fishing trip.  The salmon was flash frozen and vaccuum sealed, and weighed in at around two pounds per filet.  The filets are frozen together, so after I defrost them in my ice chest I plan on doing a couple of meals on successive evenings.

    I would appreciate a couple of your. favorite meals with sides. 

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    Filet of salmon en croute   5 ounces king salmon no bone no skin

                                                  1 square of puff pastry

                                                   1 T butter

                                                   1/2hopped dill

                                                    5 chopped capers

                                                    1/2 t chopped parsley

                                                     1 T chopped shallott

                                                      1/2 cup chopped mushrooms

                                                        salt ,pepper ,wine  ,some panko   crumbs

    saute shallott, parsley capers    srooms and dill cook till mushrooms are soft add whit wine and seasonings stir in panko till you have a consistancy that does not fall apart.let cool

    put fish on top of puff past then put duxell mushroom stuffing  seal puff pastry then    turn      over put on flat 1/2sheet pan

    brush with egg wash bake at 385 about 12 minutes or until golden brown  You can make a rose or other design on top of pastry using some pastry trim

    You could also top salmon with a crab meat stuffing if you like
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