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Okay, this may sound odd, but I need an answer, my aunt was asking me some questions and she was looking for the name of a dessert, but all she was able to tell me was that it is made with strawberries and cream and has a ladies name. it's probably something that I should know and will be pretty funny when I here the name, but right now I can't think of anything. does anyone know the dish I'm talking about ??
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The first dessert that comes to mind is meringue and fruit and whipped cream: Pavlova. Very popular in Oz, and I think I've seen it in Canada, too. could this be it?
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marianne but i'm not sure,
Meringue is egg whites beaten and cooked slowly to dry and stay white that's the same for pavlova :mad:
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A little more info would be nice like
is it a pie?
is it a cake?
Theres a lot of things out there with strawberries and cream but I don't know of any with a ladies name.
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i think Suzanne's got it. Pavlova-named after a Russian ballerina.
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I was going to suggest a Pavlova that, as Dano1 said is named for the ballet dancer and was created in Australia. However, the Pavlova that I have seen is made with all kinds of soft fruits, not just strawberries (although it could be I suppose.) :)

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:rolleyes: Pavlov was the doctor, silly. :D

Pavlova the dancer was so loved, one of her fans actually ate her point shoes. They too go really nicely with soft fruit.
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Pavlova isn't quite meringue. It has about half the amount of sugar as it is served crisp on the outside and gooey inside. Traditionally correct with passionfruit and cream but strawberries are an acceptable second choice. i think there is some debate on who actully created this dish, a chef in New Zealand or the one in Western Australian who named it Pavlova.
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kind of depends on your perspective - a strawberry pavlova, well yes, but if it is strawberries romanov or a panopoly of any other dessert types, then no.

it could be a strawberry variation of peaches melba. or any other for that matter.

coolj, ask your aunty, what the actual woman that this dessert was named after, failing that, what she was famous for.

We can then take it from there.

p.s. - theres a strawberry dessert: For the French actress Sarah Bernhardt, he made Fraises Sarah Bernhardt: a dish of strawberries with ice cream, pineapple puree, and a curacao mousse.

Bernhardt was called "the divine Sarah" because of her slim figure and bell-like voice. The Danes also named a pastry after her, probably because one of her most renowned performances was in the title role of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Called Sarah Bernhardts, the pastries differ from the yeasted Danish pastries eaten at ... Read Full Article


a little more information would be appreciated, with regards to this.
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thank you all for your replies, when I said pavlova to my aunt she was like, 'that's what it was !!'. I didn't realize that when she said lady she meant it as the title, such as lady pavlova, i was thinking of a womans name when she gave me the description. she wanted me to pass along her thanks for the help.
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Glad we could help. Although now I have a HUGE hankering for strawberries, which are alas out of season. :( But I do have some whipped cream around, so if I found them I could do strawberries romanoff (How could I have forgotten them?).
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