Why service is slow

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That was it, read it before it got flaged. Sad thing is its true. Smart phones are wonderful things but they become a constant feature for people to stare at when they shoud be paying attention to someone/thing else. Opps, the light is green, gotta go.


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Yep that was the article.  I suppose this is now a fact of life.

I did this analysis once where I worked and found we could seat twice the number of people during lunch if the servers stopped trying to sell dessert.  Boy if your place relies on quick turns that smartphone could kill your business.
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Great article.
I will take my phone in but never let it interfere with ordering or eating (and y'all know I am not a pix person).
Guess because I once depended on my tables turning in order to feed my kids.
So if it is the customers slowing down service why the bad reviews?
Is that not biting the hand that feeds you?

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I sometimes take a photo of my food, especially while on vacation and it just looks amazing. However, I don't sit there on my phone. About 99% of the time I am waiting more than five minutes for my check (with my bank card in hand). When the server comes to give me my check I take a quick look at the bill and hand the card to her right away, before she even has time to wonder off. I try to work on my patience when it's time to bring my check. However, I have been to restaurants where there are a group of eight and about six of them are staring at their smartphones through the whole dinner. I could see how this would be an issue when it comes to turning tables. 
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I just got fwd this through twitter--didn't know about this thread til now.

Basically the same article, here it is elsewhere in case someone "pulls it" again.


Restaurants are all about turnover. Slower the turnover, regardless of the reasons, the worse the sales score.

But short of banning smartphones and the like, it just has to be worked around, like informing staff that their

job duties don't include "photo-shoot assistant" etc.

Problem is so many restaurants these days seem to respond to a sales reduction with a knee jerk reaction,

such as labor cutbacks portion-shrink, menu reduction, cutting business hours or just plain raising prices,

without ever sitting down and analyzing the problem logically, let alone initiating an investigation like this.

And every one of the above solutions result in unhappy (translation=="EX") customers, which obviously drops

sales even more.
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I dont understand why people can´t just put the phones away to enjoy a meal. 

I guess i was lucky to never be so attached to my phone. 

Nowadays you walk into any restaurant be it McDonalds or Alinea (just stating an example since i dont know if Alinea allows photo taking), and you will see someone taking a goddamn photo, sometimes the photo comes out crappy and they still post it on Instagram.... 

Soon restaurants should disable wifi or just get rid of the picture taking in general. Phones have become addictions to society, nowadays it seems people can´t go anywhere or do anything without  taking a photo or posting something on facebook. 
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Last Sunday we visited a popular family style restaurant right before, and through, the lunch hour.

This particular place had wifi, and several booths with outlets available. I panned around the room and

saw every such booth filled with ONE person on a laptop plugged into the wall, (about 8 booths) busily doing their

work, or surfing or whatever, and likely making use of the place's wifi. Most had only a cup of coffee or drink

in front of them. Meanwhile there was a line of parties waiting to be seated.

Again, this was Sunday lunch, one of the busiest times of the week, not a Monday or Tuesday workday.

It's this lack total of consideration of others that I think bothers me the most.
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Its been settled 20 years from now if i ever do have my own restaurant, WE WILL NOT HAVE WIFI. 

Waiters will even go around with baskets collecting cellphones lolol. 

Seriously i have had the same problem and its so annoying. Especially the reheating the food part, because after 5 minutes of picture taking the food just isnt hot enough, and i basically have to nuke it in a microwave. 

I go on facebook and all i see are people posting how they are going to jog, how they are going to starbucks, how they are crossing the street, how they are eating at some place and to worsen it all they take a bad picture, offly dark that doesnt even favor the dish. 

Nowadays i get on the bus and i see kids that are 6 or 7 years old holding iPhones and other gadgets, that in my opinion i child doesnt need. 

I got my first cellphone at 12, at that time is was those crappy verizon razors, and back then like today i still had almost no one that i actually needed to call. 
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Actually that was faked.

I'll try to find the article that de-bunked it.    Basically using old video tapes would not give  half the information that is being stated.   Even modern surveillance doesn't come close.

It's a rant -  some truth to it... but still made up.
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Really? If you find proof Id really like to see it Michael, so I can pas it on to the (celebrity) who twitilated it.

Not that I enjoy bursting people's bubbles.... I lied, I love bursting people's fowarded urban legend warnings.

Ive mailed and tweeted "corrections" on several.

My favorite is the "Gang members will kill anyone with headlights off" day.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
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"My favorite is the "Gang members will kill anyone with headlights off" day.  

Drove into Houston the other day and there were lots of people cruzin" along with their headlites on.

I was weaving in and out of traffic so as not to interrupt the flow of ALL THOSE FUNERALS!


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It's an interesting article whether it's real or fake. I never understand why people take so many pictures of their food and decide to share it on Facebook. I mean if you're eating something CRAZY weird or something yeah I understand, but nobody wants to see what your Pizza Hut Pizza looks like.. Maybe I'm just venting about my friends on Facebook but regardless it's a good article and hopefully opened some people's eyes.
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Give the wait staff tablets, let them punch in order at table to kitchen(They don't have to go to a computer station) By doing it this way not only faster but waiter can handle more covers.
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Good suggestion--I haven't seen that done so far, is it in effect anywhere yet?

In my experience they all use the computer station to input orders, they "save up" several table's orders

and punch em in all at once so the wheel gets theirs at the same time stamp.

On top of that wasted time,  they all "fight" for time on the terminal to input/alter their orders. 
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I have a feeling that the best way to put this in perspective is soon enough we will start seeing computer tablets on the tables so the customer can punch in their own orders in their own time frame.
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I have a feeling that the best way to put this in perspective is soon enough we will start seeing computer tablets on the tables so the customer can punch in their own orders in their own time frame.
Applebees has this. It also has games, and you can pay from it as well.

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