why I hate my KA food processor

Joined Dec 18, 2010
This is not a new issue, but I've decided that I need to vent about it now.

What KitchenAid does is build the FP base to last a nuclear war, but makes the plastic bowl, cover, pusher, etc. as fragile as possible. They're always developing cracks and breaking off little pieces, though I only ask it to do normal tasks.

I've replaced all of the plastic parts several times, and with the current ones I have to find clever ways to defeat the safety interlocks because they don't fit together well enough to let the FP operate.

What I'd really like is one with a metal bowl, like on the RobotCoupe R2 Ultra, but there's never a good time to switch because I've already invested in the KA base. (Not to mention that the RC is so expensive, and I'm not cooking large quantities.)

Frustrating. A variant on "give away the razor and sell the blades."
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