Why have't we localized?

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This is a great forum, with an abundance of talented and knowledgable chefs.
Why hasn't it been taken to the next level?
I know personally that I am back in NYC after the better part of a decade and have a million questions (mostly simple) that I would love to have answered easily, rather than spending hours on google and countless attempts to physically search the answers out.

I also know, that I could give incredible amounts of help to chefs in the DC metro or Miami areas.
So why haven't we banded together, to better our cause of serving our best possible meals with the least amount of stress?
Stupid questions that could so easily be answered by a local chef that someday may need a favor returned when he relocates(which most of us do at least once).

Don't get me wrong, I think the best chef networking is an after service drink at a local "industry hangout", but let's try this out.

I am going to immediately follow this post with one titled NYC and a couple of simple (help me!)questions, as an experiment.

I am encouraging others to do the same with me, start a thread labeled DC or Miami and ask away!! I'll do my best to answer timely.

Hope this doesn't P off the moderators...If it does, sorry guys, I think you are doing a great job....

Sean V cdc
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