Why does Gumbo spoil so quickly? On top of the stove!

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Friends have made expensive pots of Gumbo yet within a few minutes the Gumbo has spoiled! Why does this happen?
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Because there is something wrong with their process. Are you using whole crabs by any chance?

Provide more details and we can give you a better answer. Thanks.
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Yeah I've never seen that before. If I have the luxury of time I make it the day before so it's rested. It always tastes better the next day.
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What do you mean spoiled? In a few minutes?
Yes. What the OP is probably talking about is using whole crabs that probably haven't been cleaned and prepped properly. When a crab dies, it often releases a foul chemical that can get into the gumbo and ruin it. This is probably what happened here. This is why when crab is used, it has to be cleaned and prepped properly before being used. :)
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