Why do people choose a certain restaurants?

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Dear all,
we are students from the Modul University of Vienna and we are currently writing our thesis with the topic restaurant choice. We are interested in which factors influence the consumer when choosing a restaurant. It would be a great help for us if you could fill out our survey. Just click on the following link:


It will take about 15 minutes and it would help us get objective results.

If you are interested in the results just enter your email at the end of the survey and we will let you know as soon as we have analyzed all the answers.
Thank you in advance 
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I'm on my phone so I can't take the survey but the main things I look for is a clean environment, a large menu, and a short wait time.
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Hi, I thought this survey was interesting but some of the possible combinations were a bit nonsensical, for example why would your friends/a gastronomy website recommend a restaurant if it offered low value for money?
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Hi there,

I am a students Mount Royal University and am interested in the results of the survey you offered regarding why people chose specific restaurants. I am working on a school project about the restaurant industry and would really appreciate it if someone could send me the survey results! (I noticed it's around 6 months old)... Thank you for your time, look forward to hearing from you!

Andrew Browne


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Last autumn, I had submitted the survey, and recall it focused primarily on Austrian regional cuisine which, in my opinion, this is a means to promote Austrian regional cuisine in The USA and other countries in E.U.

Paternally, I am 1/2 Italian and maternally 1/2  French Swiss, and living a long time in the Mediterranean, my palate has always swung to Mediterranean in following order: Italian, Greek, French, Galician ( north western Iberian ), Catalan ( Northeast Iberian Peninsula ) and Andalusian Tapas.   

Thus, I can tell you, that I was in Vienna once for a few days, and though I had a few very lovely lunches and dinners in Vienna, most of the cuisine I had eaten was French. The Austrian Streudel and the Austrian Red Wines, I sampled were quite lovely.

Furthermore, I had never received any feedback.       

Why I would select a Restaurant or Tapas bar or Gastro Bar or Trattoria ?

1) Perhaps, a respected colleague´s suggestion and recommendation

2) Perhaps, a well written review in magazine, newspaper

3) Perhaps, since I am a Journalist / Reporter and lunch and dine for my job at our magazine, I would return as a client, if I think it is exquisite and / or superb.

4) Perhaps, because I have interviewed the Chef or met the owner at an event I attended professionally, and wish to explore his / her culinary philiosphy further as a client and not a journalist ( though they are never separated palate wise )

5) I sometimes select a Tapas bar, because I intuitively like the ambiance and shall take a chance

6) Sometimes, I shall have a wine at a bar, and decide whether or not I shall lunch too

Many variables depending on the genre of the place and the cuisine. In Spain or Italia or Greece, one goes to a crowded Tavern, not an empty one !


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I started to take your survey but unfortunately I had to stop as most of the questions are not well designed and many cannot be rationally answered. I would suggest you to review your questionnaire as otherwise it will be difficult for you to correctly use the resulting data... That's probably not something you like to read but better be honest with you guys.
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I started to take your survey but unfortunately I had to stop as most of the questions are not well designed and many cannot be rationally answered. I would suggest you to review your questionnaire as otherwise it will be difficult for you to correctly use the resulting data... That's probably not something you like to read but better be honest with you guys.
Ditto on that.

I found it really confusing.

Also, most well crafted surveys do not offer 5 options, but only 4, which gives a clearer view of preferences as it avoids clustering of center answers.


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Good. This type of survey should be useful for your thesis. I wish you and will take that survey.
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This survey is an excellent example of a worthless endeavor as the formulation of the questions leads to meaningless and ambiguous results.

Either or questions should have only ONE variable! Otherwise there is no way to categorize the results
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Eve, please have an instructor teach you how to put together a survey that may produce some valid and reliable results. 
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I wonder how this survey turned out. In my case, I choose a restaurant based on my cravings. If I want to eat Chinese food, then I go to a Chinese restaurant, simple as that. But I also consider recommendations from people, as these help a lot. Bottom line is, people choose certain restaurants primarily because of the dining experience.

Here's a restaurant that's worth a visit:

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My goodness, one can prove anything with statistics, the survey did not actually ask which food one likes best. I do not favor Italian restaurants because if they are NOT fine dining, then the chef does not cook as well as I do.

The questions of tradeoff between value for $ between take out and Indian or Greek food for instance would not discern that Indian food for me is a 1 on the scale of ten out of ten being the best cuisine. Not only that public transportation, walking, and takeout is for me a do not care.

If I had to choose between Greek and Indian, I would probably be forced to choose Greek but I would travel an extra 15 miles to some other cuisine.

I think Mano is right, I doubt if the survey will reveal all that you intended.

Be straight forward.

Billboards Useful ? Y or N

Billboards Believable ? Y or N

Word of Mouth Reliable?  Yes if from someone who know good food from a pig sty
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Ambiance--Past Experience -Food quality--Service__ Word of mouth- -Location_  Price  --Trendy  -Available parking-- Friend of owner  . Value for the price.

I  Do not like your survey. Here are my reasons
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I noticed why most people favor some restuarants over others. It's because a restaurant may make everything from scratch, so the customer knows it's fresh and not sitting in a hot-warmer for hours. That gives a special connection. Sometimes if a restaurant has a theme to it, if they specialize in a certain gourmet food may attract a person more.
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Basically, I choose restaurants according to the food type I want to eat, as like for Punjabi a Punjabi restaurant, for chinese a chinese restaurant. I hope you would have found results you needed for your survey.
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You are right. It was interesting. I am a contributor to Yelp. I find Yelp a great tool for researching a new area for places to eat. Reviewer with specifics make the better reviews.
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Because we know that the food is good or the service is excellent or the money is right on.
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