why did you audition for top chef?

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There are so many venues out there for chef's on television,
why did you choose top chef?

You were wonderful on camera and a pleasure to watch plus:

Your reactions were priceless!
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You know, it had crossed my mind to audition for the show, but I get so busy with work. It's easy to procrastinate with things that aren't a necessity. I had spoken to one friend about the upcoming auditions, but I made no real attempt to proceed.

Here is how it ALL unfolded...really. I'm not making this up.

It was a Thursday in May and my company was in the middle of "busy" season. My sous chef, Julia, came in that morning and said "I had a dream you were on Top Chef." Now, I had never told her I was contemplated the idea or toying with the notion. That same night, I had a message on my cell from someone asking me if I was interested in auditioning. OKAY...RIGHT! I naturally thought it was a prank call initiated by the one friend I spoke to. She's a bit of a prankster with a peculiar sense of humor.

Anywho, when I got home, I had a similar message. I did notice this time that the caller ID was from LA. I returned the the call and left a message...It was quite late. The next day, my call was returned. Long story a tiny bit shorter...I had 6 days to put together an audition video, complete a 22-page application and get to CIA in Hyde Park, NY. Okay...in the middle of busy season. Because I didn't have time to think or procrastinate, I did it. I got the work done.

I couldn't believe how many people showed up WITHOUT the application filled out. WHAT???!!!

First interview: Group interview with 3 other folks. I Did it, and they said thanks. I got up and headed for the train station. Once at the train station, I called Matthew, my husband, to tell him I had the interview...no idea how it went. Because my battery was low, I had been making calls and turning my phone off right after. At the train station, I noticed I had a message. I checked it and it was the casting producers asking me to return for a second interview. What??!!

Ok, I went back...blah blah blah. More interviews a few months later, and you know the rest.

I really didn't have a plan. I didn't do it for the business or any personal reason. When asked what I would do with the money if I won, I said I would expand my catering business and launch a petite cookie line. I had to have A PLAN and an ANSWER. That was mine. You all got to witness me being me and figuring it out. In hindsight, it was best for the show in that it was authentic. However, presently I feel like I'm playing catch up while solidifying a PLAN.


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That is really incredible thanks for sharing. I would of been scared to death to be on that show in front of millions of people watching.
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I got scared before I actually left to join the ranks of others (so to speak.) For whatever reason, maybe to calm myself, I convinced myself it was all TV trickery. Needless to say, it was none of that. You really aren't concerned about the cameras - at least I wasn't. I was too focused on finishing and getting something on the plate.
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