Why did I bother???

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So.. I did something to my elbows putting orders away and the (soon to be former) KS is always in on the days when orders come in and he does squat to help me and after months of this... my elbows hurt.

So the GM and KM tell me that I am not to put the stuff away and to get the KS to do it. Yeah right...

I told him when I got in that when the orders come he has to put them away as the KM does not want me doing it as I have hurt myself doing it repeatedly for months on end.. and he grudgingly agreed. The little bugger left the order there for half an hour after the driver left and was farting around when I finally said.. you gonna put that away today or what???.. then he did it. It took him two hours and he made a big show and was right pissy about doing it...

BUT the little (insert adjective here) did NOT rotate anything.. so while he put the stuff away I had to take everything down and do it properly... I would have begged off and asked the KM to do it but he has had recent abdominal surgery so between the two of us I was the one who should have done it.

There have been issues with me and the KS since he was promoted and the KM and owners are finally seeing why now... it is not me .. I like the guy as a person but his work blows goats and it always has. But come on.. FIFO for crying out loud! I know he was mad that I made him put away the order and he was dawdling so I would do it and I saw that and called him out.. but still..

The KM is even ready to be rid of him... three weeks starting tomorrow and counting down.....

So on Thursday I still shouldn't put the stuff away but I will watch closely when it gets put away and make the little (insert adjective here) do it properly.

All I can say is... he is just adding more and more nails to his coffin and ensuring himself out of a job when he returns from his extended trip when he does crap like this.....
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I feel for ya, but....

I've read repeated posts about how bad this guy is, and yet he's still there.
You guys seem to have a hard time pulling the trigger on letting him go.
I'd think he'd have more nails than coffin by now.
Hopefully the next post will refer to him as "this guy I used to work with".
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I'm surprised and I'm not that it has taken this long to do something about him.

We are on our 3rd KM (first one got fired, second was promoted at another job and it was more money) and now we have our 3rd. With the first two he was able to weasel his way into getting the good shifts, and full time hours when the rest of us were mostly part time... and quite honestly he was good at the beginning (we've only been open for eight months) but as time progressed his work habits have gotten worse and worse and it was overlooked by the previous two KM's. The current KM is very nice and friendly with us, but one thing he does not do that the previous two did is socialize with employees outside of work. As a manager I think that's the best thing to do... it's fine to go to a staff event (as he and I both do) but to hang out with just one or two people... not a good way to run a kitchen. His feeling is that we are there to do a job and not to make friends and he's right. It's great to have a good comraderie among the staff and we definitely do, but the job comes first.

He had to grow into his role as KM and look at the staff objectively and quite honestly before he became KM he worked on the fruit side of the kitchen and really didn't know what this guy was like to work with because he'd never shared the hot line with him. Now that he is on the hot side all the time he's seeing what I saw three months ago when the KS was given the positon and he realizes now that it wasn't just me having issues with this guy it's that this guy is a bad worker and every day he sees more and more and what he's seeing he isn't liking.

I'll be surprised if he lasts three more weeks....

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