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Joined Oct 19, 2017
interested in why/how people got in to cooking professionally and what has kept them in the industry?
For me I’ve always worked in the food industry butchery, then f&b catering managing and was offered the opportunity to cook and train as a chef came about November last year, I’ve always loved sourcing, preparing food from the protein (farm to plate) and the accompaniments
Joined Jan 18, 2018
My story starts with the typical i watched my mom cook at home. I started work placement in restaurants when i was in high school through a co-op program. Landed a paying job through the same restaurant, from there I became in love with the adrenaline rush you get when you are so busy you cannot think of anything else. Once i felt that rush and the euphoric feeling of holy sh!t we did how many covers, i never looked back or thought of doing anything else.
Joined Jan 17, 2015
i came as a refugee to London from war torn Yugoslavia. Only available jobs were in catering for someone who couldn't speak the lingo. I started in a wash up, 10 years latter I was a Head Chef, it wasn't always smooth, but love of food and cooking made it easier....

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