Why are culinary schools closing?


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Exactly what Kuan said, too expensive, and when you get out of school most cooks still need to spend time as line cooks, "putting in their dues" and line cooks don't tend to make a whole lot of money. Nowdays it is almost impossible to live on $9-10 per hour and pay large student loans, especially in larger cities.
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because most are based on getting consumer loans from government programs that will no longer pay for them because of the HUGE abuse in the fake "college" scam marketplace.
Even legitimate companies were virtually taken over by scam companies that operated franchises under their name.

While I may agree that many were high priced, I might add that many ARE worth the price in what you learn, where you extern at, who your guest instructors will be, what your networking will be.

Also there is a mistake that by going to school you'll be earning more than minimum wage in some areas out of school. In many cases, you won't. And just because you went to school does NOT mean you'd last more than a day in your externship or in real life.

AND don't forget about traditional schools. There is one community college near me that is SO highly ranked that they have near 100% placement in resort level hotels.
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