Wholesale Baking Pays the Bills

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Sorry if this is in the wrong area.

I have been reading and searching the forum and I keep seeing a similar theme over and over;

"Wholesale accounts make the money for a baker."

My wife is opening a bakery in a small town later this year and I want to make sure I understand what this means. I also would like to try and set up accounts before we open.

I assume this means baking rolls for a BBQ place or desserts for high end restaurants. What about subcontracting for a wedding planner? Finally, there are a few more local restaurants and a local jail. All of these are possibilities in our situation, but I don't want to pursue anything that doesn't make sense.

Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated.

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I had a bakey/cafe for several years. I supplied numerous cafes, lunch restaurants, kiosks and local owned grocery stores baked products daily delivered. I also did to order event/wedding cakes and the likes for caterers and private people as well as supplying my own retail bakery and the cafe section that served a set menu lunch and and fika/coffee. The wholesale aspect of the business did and still does provide a big part of the revenue and profit. The new owners do very well.
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Bread and rolls don't make money unless you are doing high volume.

Desserts for care facilities, supermarkets, clubs & golf courses, etc. are your target market. Restaurants are a bit trickier, because if they have a beat up convection oven and a kitchenaid mixer, they will eventually immitate what you are selling, and if they can't bake, they'll get in stuff frozen and still bake it off.

Wedding planners are iffy, since they will get a cateter, and then mark up on the caterer's price--dessert included. Wedding cakes are a bit different, but then again, you'll have 20-30 hrs tied up in that, and no one can comprehend spending a thousand bucks on a cake.
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This is the exact information I am looking for.

I wondered how you could make much money doing wholesale breads and rolls.

All of those venues make sense too.

Any more info is appreciated.
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