whole wheat pastry flour

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I call for whole wheat pastry flour in many of the recipes I write. It is a wonderful product, my brand is Bob's Red Mill, and I thought it was widely available. Recently I was in Portland, Oregon (where Bob's Red Mill is located, by the way), and could not find it at a couple of supermarkets I searched. So, my question is this, is whole wheat pastry flour available where you live?
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Good question, I'll have to check around.

We have several markets with Bob's Red Mill displays that feature a diversity of flours. Soon as I get out I'll take a look and see if the whole wheat pastry flour is included.

Why do you favor it in your recipes?
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I can really only find whole wheat pastry flour in health food stores and some supermarkets that have an extensive array of flours. Usually it's made by Arrowhead Mills instead of Bob's Red Mill. Either or work beautifully.
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I favor whole wheat pastry flour as a way to add whole grains to baked goods without making them coarse. I've also noticed regular whole wheat has a tendency to make things go stale more quickly than when I use the ww pastry flour.
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Yes, I have easy access to the pastry flour but I have to place orders with Bob's for their old fashioned rolled oats.  The local stores carry only the extra thick rolled oats. I received a case today.
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