Whole wheat pasta

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Im 21 years old and Ive been slowly learning how to cook and I love doing it.
I'm going to make some whole wheat pasta tomorrow for lunch and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what kind of tomato sauces I should use what else I could put in it like chicken, shrimp, ect. I'm on a diet so I'm trying to make it as healthy as possible and advice greatly appreciate it!
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Good job on discovering cooking. I started to get more serious around your age and after about a year I had my first group over for roasted pork loin and potato leak al forno. Cooking is something you can (and in my opinion should) spend your entire life refining and enjoying.

I like to make a sauce using a combination of canned and fresh products. Canned diced tomatoes, small amount of tomato paste, then fresh diced roma tomatoes, garlic, etc. Last time I did this I added some sundried tomatoes as well. When everything has simmered for a bit I put some ricotta in it. I do like to finish my pasta in the sauce. I think the proteins you mentioned are fine options which I would saute first then reserve to add into the sauce along with the pasta. I did discover something tonight that would work well. I cooked chicken sausage for the first time, the variety being a sweet italian style. It's surprisingly true to flavor and presents a more healthy alternative.
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i like your idea but some basil pesto would make it even better. if u want healthy u can just pick some veggis maybe squash, onions, tom, maybe broccoli(blanched), inn a tomato sauce(diced tom and tom paste). keep it simple and taste it through out and it will be good. some shrimp, juliened carrots, black olives, basil pesto and some tomatoes is pretty good. u can reserve some of the pasta cooking liquid and add to your pasta. watch it though cause u have salt in it. for chicken maybe pan sear and then in the oven. once cooked let the chicken rest and on medium add some asparagus, carrots, olives tom, deglaze with some white wine or some broth or pasta water and add pasta to finish cooking and ready(a lil blue chesseat the end) and ofcoarse toss some pesto. good luck
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