whole vs chopped dates

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    I've bought whole pitted dates numerous times and noticed they are harder and shiny compared to the chopped dates I found in store bought bakery goods. Then yesterday I opened a package of chopped dates and found they are the soft and sugary kind in baked goods. Mmm. Does anyone know why they are so different? Are they coated with sugar or are they chopped and peeled before being dried and that results in such a different end product?

    There are a lot of different varieties and stages of ripeness at which they are picked too.

    To see the difference-
    The last pic on the right is a close up on chopped dates and the one next to it are whole.

    So if you want to make date cookies, I would go for the chopped dates. I made a cake yesterday using part chopped and part whole. Even after soaking in hot milk and processing, the skin of the whole ones didn't break all the way down.