Whole turkey leg

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Is it possible to cook a whole turkey leg (label says 1800g) in the same manner I would a ham?

When cooking a *Shoulder of Pork or joint of Beef, I rince it under water, pat it dry then give it a dry rub (usually including cinnamon, paprika, cayenne & cumin). Put it into my slow cooker pour in either Dr Pepper or a bottle of cider and leave it to do it's thing on the low setting for 8-10 hours.

*Edit - was thinking of something else when writing this question.
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I don't see why not although I doubt it would need that long. But I don't know for sure because I've never used a slow cooker. I would do it in the oven, covered for an hour.
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Just curious... is this turkey leg smoked?
Are you going to season the same as you do your ham?
Not poking at your palate just trying to imagine what the end product would taste like.

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-A ham is already cooked and all you're doing it is reheating it to internal temperature.
A turkey leg is raw and needs to be cooked all the way through. These are 2 different things.
2 hours at most for a turkey leg. Ham even doesn't take that long to cook, depending on the size.
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Thank you for the comments.

I have edited my initial question and amended the meat. When I do the beef or pork it is for a pulled barbecue style meal (with homemade coleslaw) and not a ham, although I have in the past done a gammon joint in the slow cooker with orange slices and Dr Pepper.
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