whole hog 70 to 80 lb

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hi I did to know cook time and temp and if  it needs to be rolled or flipped from end to end I will be cooking this on a direct heat charcoals and smoking wood that I will be socking the wood for 4 to 5 days I will be doing this on 2/4/11
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Are you butterflying it or putting on a rotisserie?

Rough estimate is 225-250F for 5-6 hours. You want a solid 165 at the back haunch.


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As bishop alluded to, I really will make a difference whether you are butterflying it and laying it use above the coals or whether you are leaving it whole and doing it on a rotisserie.  Using a rotisserie is easier, in my opinion, but will take longer.  Butterflying it is more difficult as you basically have to build a chicken wire cage around the thing and then have to flip it occasionally, but, in general, will cook it more quickly.
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I lay them flat over the coals, it does take 6 to 8 hours, keep the temp low and the hog high away from coals. Keep adding coals to maintain about 250 to 275 . Depends on your cooker too, I also have cooked them indirect  too. I baste them with butter thn season and spray every 1/2 hour with a apple juice, honey brown sugar mix out of a hand sprayer bottle. This one was bigger so we quartered it.

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