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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by cape chef, Jul 23, 2004.

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    Next Wednesday 7-28 I'm taking one of my junior classes to Whole Foods in the new Time Warner building for a BOH/FOH tour, then we will be having lunch there.

    After lunch I wanted to take them upstairs to the "Restaurant Collection" to peek around, and then take them around the corner to check out the Mandarin Oriental.

    The age span on the students is 20 to 45 years old and we will be 16 including myself. Can anyone recommend some other interesting food related things to do in that area after the tour? Not sure if theres much around. I was thinking of taking them to the Farmers market at Union square, are they open on Wednesdays? What about Chelsey market?

    Any ideas would be welcome
    PS, I should add these are collage culinary students
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    Wow, a collage of students. I don't know who is market manager of Union Sq. market these days BUT if you call they will give you a tour. I give um all the time and gear it toward my audience. There are numerous green markets in NYC....so one of them should be open. If it weren't such a field trip I'd say come hang at the brewery with me, I've got 12 farmers coming in and there is some exceptional brews at the artisan brewery....pretty cool Happy Hour during market!!!!!

    Make sure to bring market baskets if your going to the market! Now is such a great time....it is summer and the produce is exceptional. :bounce:

    How about bakeries? Zabars has great go-food.....
    If you made a few calls I bet you can get some tours of the restaurants at Time-Warner.