Who would you like to chat with?

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in no particular order:

jacques pepin (would have loved to have hims as teacher!!!)

gordon ramsay (he surely inspires me in many ways ....have most of his pro aimed books, and love his autobio...we have some things in common.)

gabriele hamilton (recently discovered her writings and am devouring them)
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I would also love, absolutely love to speak to Marco Pierre White.
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These 3 in no particular order

Alex Atala ( well since i live in Brazil , it would be the most easiest )

Daniel Boulud 

Gordon Ramsay ( i would just love 30 minutes in the kitchen with him , even if it did mean him screaming and throwing plates at me ) 
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"Finally, why Robert Irvine of all people?  Do you think he'd explain the lies?


I don't want to pick on the fat kid, but that is who he was.

Maybe not "fat" but huge eared.

It's unfortunate that he was picked upon as a child, but ...he was.

So he hit the weights to make up for it.

Then...  I dunno... huh huh huh lift weights

Then really bad show where he uses crap ingredients to make crap food for crap ppl.

huzzah! I got accent!

American Icon!

Head Chef!
Aww you poor thing...

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