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I met my girlfriend at a catering. A mutual friend of ours holds a big party every summer and had me make the food for the 150 people. He paid for the food, I supplied the expertise and volunteers would do the prep work and other chores of setting up the serviceware etc. Well that particular year, my friend assured me that my helpers would be there promptly at 9:00 am to get started. We were very busy the night before and I got to bed late and had to get up early the next day to get started on the catering. I get to work at 8:45 hoping maybe they would be waiting for me. No. So I go get started. 11:00 rolls around, and nobody is there, (I'm getting a little nervous) so I call my friend who tells me that he thought the people would be there and he was busy with getting the booze and the music and was too busy to track them down. 1:00 comes around and my restaurant co-workers show up to help with the prep, and a few minutes later-finally the work crew.They went sightseeing, had lunch, had a few beers then decided they would stop in and maybe help out a little. By this time I was frantic, grouchy, not in the mood for making a good first impression. One of the girls came over and offered me a beer and I growled "later" and she backed off and asked if I was always this way. One of my co-workers said no, she and the others stayed their distance as I made them peel prawns and rip lettuce.
The party was a success. I BBQed for 150 people, the food was timely and tasty. About 8:30 that night I stepped away from the BBQ and the girl came up to me and asked if I was ready for that beer yet. I said yes and we ended up talking till the party was over. That was six years ago. We are still talking.....
What part if any did food play in meeting your paramour?
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:lol: Come on Peachcreek, this angry "later" did the job.

I met my husband in Cambridge, during a lecture of Andrew Dalby who is a Food Historian . :) I think that the topic was about "Philoxenus Banquet"
From that evening I remember the after lecture session at the local bar and the tall american who was narrating so nice stories.
This was our first meeting 10 years ago... But It wasn't meant to happen then...

I found him again 5 years later in Jerusalem , he was searching for an " appropriate" restaurant ( HIS words) to eat.Nothing happened then or at least anything I wished to happen because I had fallen in love with him by first sight.

Finally he appeared with a common friend ( I didn't know he was common friend until that night...) in New Years Eve of 2000 in my house where I was giving a party with plenty of food made by my hands...
When I saw him standing on my front door after so many years I asked him , in order to let him in my house, to handle me his passport! He gave me his passport laughting ...We are living together since :)

Thanks for " reminding" me this crazy food story...
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For me, It was my clam chowder.

Not at all a romantic dish, But the flavor and texture did the trick I guess. That was in the summer of 1981.

Since then my cooking has played a staring role in many ways.
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Wine meets Food.....I was elected program chair for St. Louis Culinary Society 1998....after the initial annual meeting he came up and suggested past programs and information as the group's "Conscience and historian", that was it until 6 months laterI found about 50 # of gorgeous chanterelles
and shared with him, on dropping them off at his office he showed me his 9000 culinary book library. Whenever I had expressed an interest in a food or wine subject I'd get information in the mail within a couple of days......he invited me that September to the James Beard Picnic and in turn that started a series of dinners and classes.
By the next Sept I was cooking at the picnic and he was serious....
We went to a Swiss restaurant and I shared Lulu's truffle honey with him and told him that I'd just placed an order for a friend of mine that was going on his honeymoon....an interesting drizzle to be sure.
Our first serious date was ordered pizza, Barolo and another Italian wine....
he taught wine classes for 20 years and I teach cooking classes...we both do programming for many groups and he is still my friend, lover and mentor....Happy Valentines Day!!
*100 year old bourbon is not a great thing honey....and rice cookers are a good thing.
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