Who makes jam or jelly?

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Jelly Girl, I use graphic design software from Corel; CorelDraw. There are many similar apps around, many even free.

It allows you to make all kinds of labels in the sizes and colors of your choice. I start by making one label and then copy that label on a page as many times as I need the number of labels.

When they are nicely aligned both vertically and horizontally (CorelDraw allows you to do that), you can cut them easily using a rule. I glue them on with a glue stick type "Pritt" which works perfectly for home use!

I recently posted a thread that may interest you on making rose-hip and elderberry jam, with pictures; http://www.cheftalk.com/t/77349/what-kind-of-jams-are-you-making-its-jam-time
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That jelly in the photo of the opening post sure is nice & clear.  I could never get mine to look like that.  Oh, well.

I never made jellies & jams until I discovered Pomona's Pectin many years ago, which I was glad to see someone here referred to.   To make the fruit jell w/out Pomona's, you would have to use huge quantities sugar, which makes a sugar-tasting preserve, not a fruit-tasting one. Pomona's Pectin is gift from God, as far as I'm concerned.

Someone gave me many pounds of wild red prairie plums (frozen) that he had picked and so I've made some into jam; it is a bit of a bother having to get rid of the pits first, but I don't mind.  We'll be having it with Christmas dinner. 

I enjoy reading about others' jam making experiences.
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Thank you for your generous post describing your jellymaking procedure.  I have always wanted to do this, and your post gives me the nudge and the info I need.  Not sure what those "stefanis" are to which you referred, but I guess Mister Google will find for me.

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@Butcherman; the "stefanis" or as I wrote "staranis" is in fact "star anise". My bad, sorry for that. If any help needed, don't hesitate to ask.

@Wyandotte; the clear jelly is just a matter of not pushing on the apples that are dripping out, it has to go by itself without forcing it. Also, using pectin in this jelly will always make it a little cloudy. Apples have a lot of pectin in it, in fact, a lot of pectin is made from apples. Still, pectin shortens the cooking time drastically as you know.

Soon I'm going to make quince jelly which is somewhat the same procedure as I described in the first post (minus the spices). No other fruit has probably more pectin in it than quince. But again, the cooking time will be around 1 hour. In Spain they make a paste from the left-over pulp that is called "membrillo", often served with their cheese.
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