Who first taught you to cook?

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Hey all! I was just wondering where you first learned to cook. Was it from an online community like this one? A show? A parent?

I just started spending time cooking for myself and I have been surprised to realize how much I picked up from my mother unintentionally! I would also love to learn about some more resources from your responses!
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Did't have on line back in the '50s. LOL
I learned from my mother.
If I was wrong, then she would correct me. Like don't use a mixer to make pie crust! What a mess I had to clean up.
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My mother and paternal grandma. Then Refined by Graham "the galloping gourmet" Kert and Jeff "the frugal gourmet" Smith. Only later did I discover Julia and Jacque. After that I used a multitude of cookbooks to expand the knowledge and scope. My most significant influence in the total combination of cooking, work ethics, and life was my first boss - a retired Marine named Phil at my first paying job: flipping burgers at Jack In The Box. He taught me lessons that have served me well ever since!
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Literature: Betty Crocker Boys and Girls Cookbook.

Educationally: Boys Cooking Class, 8th grade, taught by a very curvy
28 year old blonde, Miss Winslow--kinda hard to NOT learn something when
youre constantly staring at the teacher.

Television: Galloping Gourmet taught me how to make fluffy eggs,
among other things.

Grandpa was an ex chef, made a great lasagna.
Sister had some influence as well, early on.
Self, trial and error.
"Dan" , taught me to throw pizzas and make other fare
in my first cooking job, Italian restaurant.
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I picked a lot up from my mother and grandmothers, but I first got hooked watching the Galloping Gourmet then Julia, then Jacques and sometimes the Frugal Gourmet, but lets not forget Justin Wilson the Cajun Chef and even Paul Prudhomme had a show for a while.  Oh and this was all before cable TV and internet.  I did a lot of cooking in Boy Scouts and would cook for my keep at the "animal house" in winters when we was laid off.  In between I worked in take out places cooking pizza, ribs, chicken, fish etc. so I learned my way around commercial kitchens and ended up managing one.  After that I never wanted to work in another kitchen again.  Instead I honed my skills and still enjoy challenging myself today.

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