Who am I looking for??


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I am a photographer and have a project that requires some food photography.

I am looking for somebody to prepare specific recipes to be photographed.

Should I be looking for a Chef or a food stylist or both? Is this something that requires a high level of skill or could a keen 'beginner' handle this. (I have a tight budget!)

Also could anybody suggest were the best place to look for this person would be.

Thank you so much for your time.

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Not knowing what is involved with your project, I can't tell you what skill level you need. You can only determine that when you talk with a food stylist, which is the person you want, and explain the project. You probably do NOT want an amateur who has just likes to cook but has never worked with a photographer before.

Depending on where you are located, there might be a local group, since many food stylists work as freelancers. I'm a member of a local NYC food organization that has several food stylists as members; contact me if you're here and would like some recommendations.

For an international (US mostly, but all over the world) organization, try contacting the International Association of Culinary Professionals; they have a section for food photographers and food stylists and might have a food stylist member near you.

You might also contact local newspapers and magazines that publish food photos; either they have staff who might be able to moonlight, or they could tell you whom they use.

Hope this helps.
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You need a food stylist, and like Suzanne says, it depends on the needs of your client, the use of the photo and where you are located. You should not have any trouble finding stylists in your area.

Look for a PM from me as I can help you find one.
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