White wine butter ice cream recipe

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Hi...loooong time ago....15 years now... we produced ice cream made of white wine ,egg yolks ,sugar ,butter ,salt and it was amazing!

Unfortunately I can't find the recipe anymore and can't find anything in www.... except some mixed stuff like that


or this


but ours was very simple and sooooo good... 

I remember we used to heat up the butter up to 80degrees as well as the wine and add both slowly in the blender to the egg sugar mix with a pinch of salt... just don't know the ration anymore

If anyone did the same ice cream already please send me the recipe... otherwise I need to test a bit again :D

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heres some info that may give you a reference point:

using the "ICE CREAM WITH BUTTER OR MARGARINE" as base recipe, I would exchange out the milk with white wine (reduction?) and cream, and for stabilizer a single sheet of gelatin should give you good results, or at least a reference point to start from, and just follow the method as shown n the first image by creating an anglaise then adding your sugar and gelatin, and then the melted butter.
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