White stuff in my vinegar

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Hi, i have made my own vinegar. Last day i forgot to stirr it and white stuff formed on too, which i have cleaned and pour clean vinegar in bottles, yet the withe stuff formed again on top. I cleaned it again from bottle, but again it forms. Its not mother. I think if i put a bit of regular apple cider inside it helps, but i am not sure since i tried that just yesterday. Amy idea, is this mold, is it still healthy to use? If i shake it, some parts of it will fall to the bottom. Its white, or gray, almost like spider web, reminds me of that white thing that forms on milk.
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It is mold but not harmful. I haven't made vinegar lately but if I remember correctly that may be some sediment rising, depending on what you make the vinegar with. You can ladle out the white stuff. Put the vinegar in a container with a spigot so you can drain off the vinegar without disturbing the top.
It would help if you related your process. You should be covering the top of the jar during fermentation with cheesecloth or coffee filter held on tightly so the bugs, dust can't get in. That should cut down on the growth of the white mold as well.
If the vinegar has a clean, vinegar like smell, it's fine. You will be able to tell if it spoiled because there will be nothing good about it's smell or appearance.
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