white soy sauce

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We received the most spectacular house warming gift sent by a chef friend from Sid Wainer. Needless to say the pantry is now full of spices, oil, vinegars etc. I came across a bottle of white soy sauce.
Now before you hot-siders bash me for not knowing, I'm on the sweet side. I do alot of quasi asian cooking and was wondering the application for this. I didn't open it yet. I use regular soy sauce to flavor, not to color for the salt content is so high.I'm not really so fond of it. Just need some uses. TIA
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I'v had Sids white soy many times in the last couple years and it's one of the best around (compared to some of the garbage white soy out there)

It has a higher level of wheat which keeps it lighter in color (but also more salt is used).

I use it white light bodied fish and vegetables. It also quite nice in certian soups and great with noodles.

One of the appeals is it doesn't discolor your dish,but for my money,tamari is my favorite
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Just noticed "Tender Perennial" How does one respond? Like the parrot in the Inspector Clouseau movie, "Say, fella." ?
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Panini, I coulda sworn you and I were tasting that one together at the food show. Oh well, I think it's yummy, but I agree with CC- tamari is the perfect balance of salt and intensity.
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This is wierd. I opened it last night and when I smelled and tasted it it took me right back to the show. Then, I read your post.
You're absolutely right.
We've been buying some shelf things from them and I use the concentrates now. We recieved the cold box first, man, we've been treating ourselves to a spectacular picnic every night. Their pates and of course the fish is really good. My vent a hood is still missing and were only in the new digs a couple of days so it's nice only picking up some bread on the way home.
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