White Proscuitto

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Has anyone ever heard of it? I was looking through a pizza book (pizza modo mio, john lanzafame, p40), and it calls for "white proscuitto (lardo)". I've asked a lot of people, home cooks, chefs, the italians who own our restaurant and noone has ever heard of it. The two best ideas so far are either the white layer of fat from the proscuitto, or albino pigs lol.
Any ideas?
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Lardo isn't exactly prosciutto but it is a cured pork product. Essentially, it's good lard or fatback that's seasoned or simply brined. If you like pork fat, you'll love lardo. Good Italian delis would have it.

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"Quotation: Sometimes euphemistically called “white prosciutto,” lardo is pork back fat that’s been salted and aged. It’s advanced salumi, and nearly impossible to find."

The Euro Deli I go to sell it and its getting more popular over here.

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