White Flies

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I have been growing some herbs on my windowsill. Lately I've noticed an infestation of white flies that seem particularily attracted to my sage, oregano and thyme, but not my chives and rosemary. I need to get this under control fast before they get to my orchids.

For obvious reasons, I'm looking for a natural way to eliminate them once and for all. I've tried a mild soap solution (not quite natural, I know) but they came right back.

Thoughts? Solutions?

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Whiteflies are more of a visable pain in the Arse then acually a damaging one.

Anneke, I know you want to go %100 natural, which is great.
Keep in mind that whiteflies go through a complete metamorphosis from there young life through adult hood, so you need to use different tactics to control them.

I get them on my hybiscis all summer, I use a light insecticidel soap, and a slow relese ferterlizer to control the nitrogen.

I even use my mini vac on the leaves.
You can also buy these little sticky boards that you put in the soil.

I hope this helps
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A friend of mine sent me the following recipe;

1 onion
1 tbsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp oil
5 cloves garlic

Blend together with a bit of water and let stand overnight. Strain and dilute with water.

This can be used weekly as a spray.

I haven't tried it yet; will keep you posted.

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