White chocolate help.

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Hello all! Brand new here and looking for some help. So, I'm looking for a white chocolate glaze that will cover up a cupcake and harden. Almost like making homemade Hostess pastries. I've found glaze's but I'm not totally sure if it will do what I need it to do. Any tips, tricks, or suggestions would be so great.

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I'm thinking maybe a fudge type icing would do the trick.

You could also try melted chocolate plus a bit of vegetable oil.
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How about trying a basic milk/powder sugar glaze with a little bit of white chocolate melted in?
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Are you talking a true glaze or an iceing?  A glaze could be H20 10x sugar and choco extract. Or a fondant type, with choco exract. Keep in mind white chocolate is not chocolate at all as it has no cacoa base. In reality know such thing, and in a lot of places it is called summer chocolate, because melting point is lower.
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