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planning to make cupcakes or cake for a baby shower at work. mommy to be loves white chocolate, any recipes for a white choc. frosting? I usually do cream cheese but does not hold well at room temp. I want to make a choc. cake and perhaps a white or carrot cake. also, how many rectangular pans would it take to make a sheet cake? would I need to triple a regular cake recipe? I need to feed about 50 people
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Do you have "The Cake Bible"? RLBeranbaum? There's lots of info in her book on serving ratio to pan size.
I believe Rose HAS a white chocolate buttercream frosting in her book also. (I find white chocolate frosting persnickety and less stable than plain buttercream. It's low melting point has presented problems for me.)

Re: pan size....Do you mean a full commercial size sheet pan? 18" by 26" I feed around 60 people generously. (More if there are layers) You need a commercial oven to bake in these, and do consider the area of refrigeration necessary (no side by side!). Managing large heavy layers can be unwieldy.

9" x 11" is a standard size sheet pan. As stated, feeds 12.

Save yourself some grief...make cupcakes! Much easier to manage, store and frost..and they're so popular. You can make several varieties, including a vegan option and you'll be the hero. Two excellent cupcake books: Tack | Richardson's "Hello Cupcake" or Martha Stewart's "Cupcakes" and go to town! A good vegan cupcake cookbook is "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World".

I like to transport and give cupcakes in these:
Go to: plasticcontainercity.com (click on muffin and cupcake)
Scroll down to item: F2229-89

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Beranbaum's white chocolate cream cheese buttercream is wonderful and keeps very very well even in the heat. I used it in a wedding cake in 100 degree heat. The white chocolate helps keep it solid.

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